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What a great start to the new school year! Print E-mail

The EffectusPapilions Foundation together with its instructors greeted the new school year with renewed energy and enthusiasm as they saw so many new faces and also continuing participants - students who are given an opportunity to learn the English language.

For the third year in a row, we are teaching English in Pcim and Budziszewice. We are delighted that once again so many kids decided to participate in our language courses in Pcim and Trzebunia. As before, we are partnering with one of the biggest and best language schools from Kraków - Lingualand. Highly qualified instructors have won over the enthusiasm and commitment from children and parents across the region. Currently, we have formed five language groups– two in Pcim and three in Trzebunia. This means that altogether we are teaching English to about 60 students.

In Budziszewice, we have been continuing our cooperation with an experienced instructor, Mr. Jarosław Nowak and we are teaching three groups of twelve pupils. Most of the kids were also taught by us in previous years and we are thrilled to have such loyal participants.

This year, we have also introduced some changes. Due to a low turnout, we decided to put on hold our courses in the Mazury region and Kozłowo for this school year. We hope we can work together with the local authorities and teachers to find ways to encourage kids to learn English and return to the schools next year.

The Foundation has sponsored all textbooks for all of our courses and for every pupil. As in the past, we have also awarded scholarships for our most outstanding students. Six pupils are receiving a financial award of 300 zloty a month for the duration of the whole 2010/2011 school year. The recipients include Ania Bzowska, Ewa Olszowska, Bożena Pindel, Tomek Godawa, Wojtek Godawa and Stefan Fedeczko. Together with PatrykSmolik from Pcim, they were invited to participate in a motivational visit to Warsaw. From November 5th to the 7th they participated in a course in fast learning and remembering techniques, as well as in a motivational session in the Cammeron McKenna law firm in the WarsawFinancialCenter. Additionally, the students met with the Foundation’s board and toured Warsaw.