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The financing scheme of the Foundation rests on four pillars:

   1. Donations from members of the Foundation in Poland and Great Britain,

   2. Donations of 1% of the income tax payable, which is possible in accordance with Polish law to organisations promoting public welfare and to foundations,

   3. European Union grants and other Polish and international funds,

   4. Donations from corporate partners.

The first method of financing will involve, among other things, organising cyclical events in London mainly aimed at the Polish people living and working there (balls, carol singing, some traditional Polish evenings like the end-November Andrzejki party). It would also use a formula of “adopting a student”- individual stipends funded for particular children (a cost of one is estimated to be around £50). In addition, many companies and institutions are usually willing to support their employees' charity donations by the so-called “matching”, which can double the collected money. This, for example, is customary at JP Morgan.

The second pillar of financing rests on active campaigning of Foundation’s members among friends, colleagues and business partners to donate the 1% of their income tax to the Foundation. The circles to which current members have access range wide and reach far. They include: alumni of AIESEC, Community of European Management Schools, Oxford, Cambridge, members of student section of the BCC, various student clubs and organisations etc.

The third method of financing Foundation’s activities lies in applying to various EU funds.

The fourth source of Foundation’s income is donations from corporate partners. Foundation’s members and volunteers will actively seek sponsorship from corporate institutions. Help from the members of Foundation’s Honorary Council will prove invaluable in this endeavour.