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Model of the Foundation's activities

    * The most deprived regions and children will be identified in cooperation with the Polish educational authorities Kuratorium Oświaty and with the help of the coordinator of European Union Help Funds in the District of Giżycko (Mr Daniel Żuchowski),

    * The aid will be aimed at students in both types of secondary schools – junior/lower (gimnazjum) and senior/upper (liceum),

    * The EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers will be recruited and paid for by the Foundation,

    * The Foundation will cooperate with schools on the basis of agreements whwreby the Foundation will arrange for  and pay the teachers, whereas the schools will provide the books and other indispensable teaching aids,

    * The teachers will be recruited from among highly motivated and enthusiastic, qualified professionals with a strong drive to make a difference,

    * It is assumed that one teacher will be able to teach groups that total between 50 and 70 children, maintaining a high level of teaching quality(four contact hours weekly per groups of 10 to 14 pupils).

A complimentary element of teaching would be a motivational system of summer camps (free for the best pupils) where children would be taught by volunteering native speakers of English. A basis for this reward would be progress and diligence in the preceding school year.

For the most talented pupils there might be a possibility of one-week prize trip to London, as an opportunity to put their language skills into practice. Both accommodation and other costs related would be covered by the volunteers of the Foundation.

The last element of motivational incentives aimed primarily at pupils at later levels of education would be meetings organised by the Foundation with young professionals and students describing the possibilities the knowledge of the foreign language created for them in their studies and work.