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The role of the teacher

The foundation implements its objectives by hiring teachers in rural areas to teach schoolchildren. The teachers are employed by the school, but their salaries are covered by the foundation. The teacher reports to the head of the school and is part of the teachers' body. It is hoped that the teacher can do 28 contact hours of teaching weekly, which with  4 classes per group and 10-14 students in a group translates into 70-100 students who can benefit the courses. On top of teaching they are  supposed to get involved in projects that benefit the local community. There are no constraints in that respect, they can run a sports team, arrange for contests, trips or camps. The blueprint of a project for the local community is endorsed within 3 months of the beginning of a semester. It is intended that the teacher should contribute to stimulating the development of the local community, enhance its dynamics and present it with new prospects and chances.

The foundation employs qualified specialists, preferrably graduates of English Philology with an MA degree. A desired teacher profile: good and very good grades at university, positive referrences and experience, a didactic gift, high initiative, creativity and activity, leadership, organisational skills, willingness to move into the country if the candidate is from an urban area. Country backgroung an advantage. The teacher receives a salary of PLN 2200 monthly befor tax and insurance which, given low costs of living in the country, will afford comfortable living. On top of that, the teacher is entitled to receiving an annual bonus of PLN 3000, ie. approx 10% of the annual earnings, paid in January as long as their yearly assessment by the foundation is positive. The assessment is made up of local community project implemenmtation evaluation as well as the opinions of the headmaster and surveys completed by the students and their parents.